Danke, dass du meine Seite gefunden hast! 😀

Ich bin Autorin und meine neue Inspiration für die Arbeit ist Drama gucken, daher übe ich mich mal im Recapping.

Ich poste hier alles an Musik, Dramas, Artikeln die mit dem Korean Entertainment zu tun haben, aber auch Reviews über Bücher und vieles mehr, was mich interessiert.

Gute Unterhaltung! ^^


Ich mag Basteln über alles. Früher mit Schere und Papier, jetzt im Photoshop. Wie sich die Zeiten doch ändern. lach.

Jedenfalls sind hier meine besten Kreationen und ich verschenke auch gern Header, wenn mich ein Artikel auf deren Seite besonders gut unterhalten hat. Neuerdings kam ich auf die Idee, meine Liebe zu Lyrics und Zitaten mit einzubinden. Hoffe, dir gefällt’s. ^_^

Für Headergeschenke bin ich selbst auch offen! 🙂

I like giving and receiving header! Especially when a post on a blog/site can make me smile, I like returning the favor. I recently got the idea to combine my love for quotes and lyrics with the graphics.  Well, I guess, it’s a writers weakness for texture. I hope you like it. Feel free to drop you goodies. ^_^


Eat.pray.love.header Kopie

Header Gifts for…

electric ground

If I lay here.header.for.electric.ground

Yes.I.was.stupid.header.for.electric.ground Kopie

I think of you.header.for.electric.ground.940x198 Kopie

Thundie’s Prattle

A Koala’s Playground

Rebel Soul


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  1. Hallo, I’m Giselle Liu, from Taiwan.
    Could I ask you where you from?
    cause l’m surprised that there’s someone in Europe watching Asia’s drama and like it.

  2. Hey Giselle,
    The author of the blog hasn’t written anything since a month,
    therefore I want to answer you ^^ She is (like me) from Germany
    and here (and in hole Europe) are a lot of drama-additcts xD
    They are great! 😀

  3. Vielen Dank,Eriinnye!
    I’m also a drama-addtict! XD I’m now enjoying ” You’ve fallen for me”.(It has completed.)
    Actualliy I’ve learned a little German.
    (Last year I took German as my “foreign language” course)
    And I’m now trying to learn German by myself.
    (There’re some reasons…so I can’t take the class.)
    So…is the asian’s dramas show on your TV?
    Or you watch on web?

  4. Kein Problem Giselle ;D
    I can’t believe that I write with someone from Taiwan, its awesome!!
    Never thought that people in Taiwan would learn German ^^
    How much did you learn already?
    No, we are not so lucky. They don’t show asian dramas here T.T
    We have to watch them online with English Subtitle.
    My all-time-favourit is actually a drama from Taiwan
    It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss again. Ariel and Joe are awesome xD
    Do you have an email adress or skype? 🙂
    Would be great if we could talk a little more ^^

  5. Yes, of course.
    My email address is kikyou0111@gmail.com
    My skype : kikyouliu ( I think it’s OK to use my email to find me.)
    Nice to meet you!! =)

    I’ve started to learn German last year.
    (In my university, or in Taiwan actually, English as a foreign language is a required course.
    But in some schools, such as mine, if your English has reached a certain level,
    you can choose other languages to replace English.
    In mine, you can choose Japanese or German.
    PS But…to be honest, the level isn’t so high. I’m not so good at English.)
    The German course is 4hr a week for 3 credits a semester.
    But our professor taught a little bit slow to make everyone understand.
    I think using the EU standard … I’m only A1 now…
    Cause I’m not a hard-working student =P
    I google the full name of the lauguage test is “Goethe-Zertifikat A1: Start Deutsch 1”
    (I haven’t taken any yet.)
    Now I’m using the text book for A1~A2(Hueber)

    I’m so glad that your favorite drama is from Taiwan.
    Actually I’m now watching more Japan’s than Taiwan’s
    cause it’s shorter…most of them only 10~14 episodes.
    I like “It started with a kiss” too!
    Do you know that it is adapted from Japanese comic?
    The first one to adapt the “kiss” comic is Japan.(It is good but the female lead isn’t so beautiful =P )
    And after Taiwan’s 1+2 is Korean. But among all three versions I like Taiwan’s most.
    (Not because I’m from Taiwan…I must insist.)
    But my favorite two (for Taiwan’s) is “At the Dolphin Bay(2003)” and “K.O.3an Guo(2009)”.

    For Japan’s is “HANAZAKARINO KIMITACHIHE(2007)”
    It’s also adapted from comic but Taiwan have adapted in 2006
    + Japan adapted in 2011 again(they change all the actors but…I really don’t like the nearest one = =)

    For Korean’s is “He’s Beautiful(2009)”(The OST is excellent!!)
    Japan adapted it in this summer…but I have to say … “the first, the best.”

    Ariel is great in act, I agree. I’m now watching her newest drama “In Time with You” =)

    PS Do you have Plurk?

  6. hi there Liu,
    I can’t believe to meet someone from Taiwan personally! 😀 Nice to meet you!

    I’m originally Asian, too, but grew up in old German way so I learned about Asian dramas coincidentally when I was travelling. My first drama was Meteor Garden and it took me 2 more years till I could find my new passion for drama coz I didn’t have Internet at my parents house. My favorite asian drama of all the time is still Corner with Love with Barbie Xu and Show Luo. Now I’m also more into korean dramas coz of culture research and I have to admit that I’m smitten by the great acting of korean actors/actresses (Jang Geun Suk! Can’t wait for the movie You’re my pet!)

    As Erii said we don’t have asian dramas broadcasted in our German TV. If there are asian productions broadcasted than there are martial art movies or movies of Jackie Chan. But I know that my Mom is watching Thai television via Internet.
    Actually I prefer dowloading and watching a drama at MY timetable than sticking to a television program coz due to work I can’t always be on the right time at home to watch.

    It’s great that you learn German. Is that why you stumbled over my blog in search for practising German with your addiction? Laugh. I once did that too and that’s how I became fluent in English. And there are so many awesome English blogs about Asian dramas that I decided to stick to my second mother tongue German. ^^
    Hope to read you again!

  7. Hi schwertkrabbe!
    Actually, I found your website when I was googling to download the music of “You’ve fallen for me”
    But “you’re from Germany” is one of the reason that I leave the message. XD
    For Meteor Garden I like the Japan’s version more than Taiwan’s….
    It also has Korean’s one but I’m not very interested.
    But in my opinion,
    the common of the three versions is that Hanazawa Rui is the most handsome one. XD
    Nice to meet you too!!

  8. I’m of the same opinion. I’ve watched all 3 versions and the taiwanese wasn’t as good as the other two. But we shouldn’t forget that it is also the oldest one. I think they would make a great new version of it if they would try. Dunno why you haven*t watched the korean version. I liked it 😉
    Do you mean Oguri Shun? If yes than I have to agree with you ^^

    Did you get my email, it was quite long xD Sorry

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